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General Manager

MR. BASILIO joined Al Shabeeb Company in September 2007. He was involved in the start-up, and acted as the pioneer Survey Manager for Al Shabeeb Surveying, which was put-up in 2009.

Before joining Al Shabeeb, he worked with Qatar’s Public Works Authority as Civil Engineer/Surveyor for two (2) years and Head of Roads Survey Unit with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture for 14 years. He was a part-time Instructor for four (4) years at the former Faculty of Technology, Qatar University.

He has more than 25 years of extensive surveying experience and is knowledgeable with the use of modern surveying methods and equipment, including Global Positioning System (GPS). He has expert knowledge of CAD and GIS, geo-reference systems and datums. He is an experienced programmer and has created computational routines as part of work and as a personal/professional hobby. He is a skilled technical writer and has written numerous technical reports, specifications, procedures and contract documents.

Mr. Basilio earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Geodetic Engineering from the University of the Philippines. He is licensed as Geodetic Engineer by the Professional Regulations Commission in the Philippines, and an accredited Grade A Engineer registered with the Professional Engineers Admission Committee, State of Qatar. He holds a Project Management qualification (Association for Project Management, U.K.) and ISO 9001 Lead Auditor certification (British Standards Institute). In 2015, he was a recipient of the University of the Philippines Alumni Engineers Professional Degree Award for Geodetic Engineering.

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